Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bound By Blood (Cauld Ane Book 1) by Tracey Jane Jackson

   Samantha is a researcher and she is very good at what she does.  So good that she gets a job offer in Scotland at a well known company.  Flying far away from her home, she meets a handsome guy on the plane who seems bent on befriending her and possibly more.  While he seems nice, Samantha is still wary of him.  Once she arrives, this guy is also staying at the same hotel as she is.  Not for long though because once she meets her very handsome boss, Kade, she is moved almost immediately to an apartment across from his.  They have an instant strange connection that she doesn't understand, but Kade does.  He knows exactly what's going on, but never expected it to happen with a human.  Samantha is his one and only mate.  Trying to ease her into things, he gets to know this woman that he has suddenly fallen for.  It's hard for them both to keep their hands to themselves.  Samantha tries her best to keep her distance, but it's just too easy to give in when it comes to Kade.  He is a handsome, romantic, and commanding guy.  In fact, it's weird how everyone in the company defers to him like he's royalty.  She barely knows this guy, but is steadily falling for him at a rapid pace.  And the bad news?  Samantha is in danger because she is with Kade.  There are a few out there that would try to hurt her to get to Kade.  Unfortunately, that's the least of the surprises she is in for.  This guy is a semi-immortal viking who has staked his claim on her.  His history and ways are something that will be more difficult for Samantha to come to terms with than how dangerous her situation is.

   When I first saw the title to this book, I was thinking it might be another vampire book and it looked interesting. Not a vampire book.  In fact, not even close really.  It's more like a romance novel about semi-immortal Vikings who are in Scotland, but came from Iceland.  I have to say that I am not sure why they put the "blood" part in the title really except that a part of Samantha's work was with blood.
   The plot of the story leaves something to be desired.  It is a little shallow and there isn't any real danger in it besides about a page worth.  All of the work up to how dangerous things are/could be is kind of a let down in the end.  Not to mention how villains just kind of appear out of thin air without any type of warning that they are bad.
   Now if you are looking for a sweet and easy romance to read, this is the book for you.  It is a very sweet and almost old school type romance.  All except for the fact that Kade has some caveman/alpha male characteristics that, although annoying and somewhat overbearing, are also rather endearing in ways.

All in all I would say this book is a 3.5 out of 5 stars!

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