Thursday, October 30, 2014

Organ Reapers by Shay West

   Eli gets up most mornings hung over and grouchy.  He gets his coffee to keep him going and makes his way to work.  His outlook on life is a little cynical these days every since he and his wife divorced.  She was a cheater and he hadn't hesitated to file for divorce.  Now he was just married to his job as a detective.  No more fighting with her about him not putting her first.  When Ava comes into his life, things change.  They start chasing after the ghost of some crazed killer going around taking other's internal organs.  The thing is that they have no evidence and no leads.  As the bodies pile up, people get nervous and the chief is wanting answers.  But there are just none to give.  That is until Tani and Keena show up in jail.  They look like they are dressed for medieval times, and their food looks the same.  It seems that they know nothing of modern conveniences, but they say they know everything about the killings and how to stop it.  The only thing is that the ones murdering people are from a different world, and they used to be some of these killers.  Eli just can't wrap his head around the idea and thinks it's some kind of cult.  Ava is a little easier to convince.
   Tani and Keena were Harvesters in their world.  They went to Earth and killed people, taking their internal organs for whomever needed them in their world.  If someone's heart was failing them, then they would go retrieve a new heart that fit the person needing it.  The job was a very prestigious one and afforded both of their families a life of luxury that they never would have had otherwise.  After a while though, the job starts to wear on them and they no longer wish to be Harvesters.  But quitting isn't really an option so they run.  They end up finding Eli and Ava and hope that the two will help them stop Master Kehlar, the man behind it all.  To stop him they must destroy the machines that make the gateways to Earth.  First they have to convince Eli and Ava that they're telling the truth.  Then they must all come up with a good plan.  Two things that seem like an impossibility.

   The title of this book had me a little on edge about reading it.  It sounded like one of those super gory and bloody books about sadistic crimes.  Well it wasn't like that.  I actually really enjoyed reading the book and found in rather fascinating.  It is a convergence of two worlds in a way.  Tani and Keena are from a world that, although seems so different, is more like a less advanced version of our own when the steam engines were still around.  A time when it was inappropriate for a man and woman to be alone together if they weren't married.  Things in this world are much simpler.  It's quieter without cars and such passing by all of the time.  The people take the authority's word at face value no matter what he says almost always.  Tani and Keena's defection was unheard of and an act of treason.  Should they get caught, they would hang from the gallows for their crimes.  Master Kehlar is a prideful man who will do whatever he must to stop them.  An evil and darkness has seeped into him.  Pride is one of the big downfalls of man, even if they are from another world.

My questions about the book?
-Are there actually gods, demons, and such in Tani and Keena's world that were behind the visions and Master Kehlar's obsession with the gateways?
-Where did the modernized medical equipment come from in Tani and Keena's world?
-What happened to Satrick?
-Do Eli and Ava ever have a relationship?
-Who was now ruling Tani and Keena's world?

4.5 out of 5 stars!!

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