Tuesday, October 14, 2014

SNEAK PEEK: Beggar Magic by H.L. Burke (being released in December!)

   Young Leilani Weaver loves the woods.  She goes out there often to play among the trees as the Strains sing to her.  She loves listening to them.  They are a part of every day life in Gelia.  Leilani couldn't imagine having to live without them.  The Strains are kind of like magic.  They can be used to help make bread and start fires, small things like that among the Common people like Leilani.  Her mother taught her never to take them for granted and never use them for things you could easily do yourself.  And you must never use them for evil because the Strains could leave you forever.
   When Leilani meets a Highmost girl about her age named Zebedy, she starts to see how they use the Strains for just about everything, but then again the Highmost are gifted with more magic than the Common people are.  Zebedy has lived a very different life than Leilani.  Zeb has lots of books.  Her family only had two and they were very important.  They weren't just novels to read for pleasure.  The two girls friendship grows and eventually Leilani becomes Zeb's aide.  She figures out though that being in the research manor changes things between she and Zeb.  She is treated more like an aide and her friend gets much more aggravated at Leilani than she ever did before.  And Leilani is suspicious of Zeb's mentor, Brash.  She thinks he is not to be trusted, but Zeb cannot be convinced.  When dead spots start showing up in the manor, the girls want to get to the bottom of it.  Brash won't allow them to, but Leilani is headstrong and doesn't trust him, so she starts investigating anyway.  What she uncovers will be hard for anyone to believe.  It will take everyone working together to stop the mad chain of events!

   Another fantastic book by H.L. Burke!  You can pre-order it right now on Amazon here:

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