Friday, October 10, 2014

Blood Debt (Touched Series Book 1) by Nancy Straight

I thought I knew who I was a week ago.  After contacting my long lost dad that my mom never talked about, now I have no idea who I am.  I do know this though:

-I am Camille, the daughter of Angela Benning and William Strayer
-I have five half-brothers, all older than me
-All of my family are Centaurs
-There is a blood debt on my head thanks to my mom
-I am supposed to have some magical powers
-Zandra Chiron is my grandmother and there's a reason my mom hid from her: she's ruthless and crazy.
-I have feelings for my best friend's fiance'
-I am not supposed to exist

What I realize more than anything is that I cannot communicate with my mom, even though I should have the ability to, and because of that I feel alone in all of these strange and scary changes going on in my life.  

Once in a great while I like to start a review from the character's point of view should that character be talking or thinking.  Camille's mother passed away and right before she did, she finally told her daughter who her father was.  It was a few weeks later that Camille sought out her father, only to find out he has 5 sons and a wife.  They all take her in just like she is one of the family.  William Strayer has a lot of money and it shows.  But they don't act like the normal rich people.  In fact, they act like a normal loving family.  All 5 sons still live at home although the oldest is closer to 30 than 20.  Camille soon finds out that the world they were brought up in was far different than her own.  In her world she was able to date whoever and whenever and be human.  In this world, she wasn't allowed to even go out somewhere alone.  Dates were frowned upon and you had to have a chaperon on dates or while you were with your chosen fiance'.  That's another thing.  In the world of the Centaurs, the women picked their husbands.  All of the men went for great jobs and tried their best to impress because to not be chosen by the time they were 30 would mean they would have to settle for a half-breed Centaur or a human.  This diluted the power in the blood lines so it was best to stay with their own kind.  However, Camille has her own ideas on the subject and won't be swayed.  Then she happens to meet Drake, Bianca's new fiance'.  He catches her before she can fall and saves her from a man's wrath at her brother's wedding.  They both have feelings for each other that neither of them understand or want because of circumstances.  The blood debt on Camille's head has put her in a dangerous situation with the man she owes it to.  And then there is her crazy grandmother that pops up.  Camille has no idea how much danger she is really in until reality hits her in the face.

Another fantastic read!  I highly recommend this one if you are looking for something fresh and different to read!

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