Thursday, June 5, 2014

Redemption (Captive Series Book 5) by Erica Stevens

   It has been almost a full year since the war.  Braith and Aria reign now and things have finally become civilized between humans and vampires.  No more blood slaves. Equal rights for everyone.  Instead of blood slaves they have set up donation centers in every town.  That doesn't mean that every town is abiding by the new rules.  So Jack and William are out going through the smaller border towns making sure the law is followed.  They don't have a lot of trouble until they reach a small, hidden town that he never even knew existed.  In fact, most don't know about it.  And the people of the town like to keep it that way.  They like living away from everyone else because of what the vampires are that live there.  They call themselves Undesirables.  Almost every vampire in the town has some sort of flaw in their DNA.  Some keep on aging up until a certain point instead of the aging process stopping at maturity.  Some cannot stand the sun on their skin.  Here in this town they can live relatively peacefully without being judged by others.  Well, for the most part anyway.  The only one who gives trouble in town is the man running it: Calvin.  He's an old vampire with a lot of power and he is known to be mean.  Unfortunately Calvin has his eye set on Hannah, a local vampire that had just reached maturity the year before and worked in the local tavern.  He uses whatever leverage he can to touch her and get some time with her.  When Jack and William show up in town, everything is turned upside down.  Jack immediately realizes just how unwanted Calvin's advances are and he is determined to keep Hannah safe.  Calvin is a dangerous man.  What he doesn't realize is that Jack is willing to go to unknown lengths for this girl.  Bad thing is that it only fuels Calvin's anger since Jack can't seem to keep his hands off of her.

   A great new book in the Captive Series by Erica Stevens!  I personally love reading this series and have read them all more than once.  It is nice to see books that have fresh takes on vampires taking over society and what it would be like.  This is another one of those books!  Love to see the in-control Jack lose it because he found a vampire who has become something very special to him.  And this little eerie town that she lives in has secrets that will reveal themselves!  Just one more thing, there is a bit of a surprise to the ending!  

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