Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sleeping Roses by Rashelle Workman

   Sophie's life was tinged with grief and heartache.  She had started out well enough until the death of her parents.  After that she had went on, trying to live her life.  She went to college like they had wanted her to and during her college years she met Rina, her best friend, and David, whom she married.  She had been an amazing artist.  So much so that when she and David were married she had her own studio in their home.  But all wasn't well within their home.  She was unhappy, scared.  David had a temper and said he would kill her if she ever tried to leave him.  He would suffer no such embarrassment.  One day she finds him in bed with another woman and decides it is time to leave him.  It is a huge and scary step for Sophie, but she does it.  Rina is there helping her and being supportive as much as she can.  There is a job opening for an art teacher at the school Rina is Vice Principal at and Sophie gets the position.  David never let her work and demanded to know where she was at all times during the day.  There were dire consequences if he checked up on her and she wasn't where she said she would be.  Now she has some new found freedom, but she is still afraid.  Sophie knows that David is serious about killing her.  While she is trying to settle into her new life, she constantly has to deal with David lurking around and threatening her.  And there is a new guy in her life, Philip.  He works at the school too and is a nice guy.  But after suffering through her life with David, Sophie has a very hard time trusting men, including Philip.  Philip has a past too though.  One rather similar to hers.  Sophie has a secret though.  One that might cause a rift in their budding relationship.  Sophie's biggest problem at the moment is David.  When will the confrontation happen?  She knows it's coming and dread clouds any kind of happiness she has.

   This book completely threw me for a loop.  I had no idea that the ending would be like it was.  In fact, for a little while, you have a hard time distinguishing what is actually reality for Sophie.  I don't want to give away the ending so I can't even remotely get near it.  But I can say that it is shocking, and very fascinating.  It might bring a few tears to your eyes.  I think it will shock most people!

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