Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Quest of Heroes (The Sorcerer's Ring Book 1) by Morgan Rice

   Thorgrin of the Western Kingdom is just a 14-year-old boy, the youngest of four boys to be exact.  He is a good three years younger than the youngest of his brothers.  They are tall and muscled and well favored by his father.  Thor, on the other hand, is not treated as well by his brothers or father.  He tends the sheep while his brothers train and get the best clothes and swords.  They are going to try to get picked to be a squires to the Knights of the Silver.  It is the only way to one day become one of them.  It is all Thor has ever wanted, to become one of those knights.  But he is constantly underestimated and must resort to drastic measures to get the attention of the knights.  Once he does though, he is taken under the wing of  Erec and Kendrick.  Erec is the most famous knight around and Kendrick is the king's eldest son.  Thor also becomes friends with Reece, another of the king's sons.  For the first time, Thor feels like he actually belongs somewhere.  He feels like he has a family.  But he has also made many enemies, although he doesn't know why.  It is well known throughout the kingdom now that this young boy has some sort of power.  Thor has no idea how to summon this power or control it and he gets few answers and more riddles from Argon, the king's druid.  Respect is not easily earned from the knights and even his fellow squires.  And it usually requires doing something that endangers himself.  Life at court seems nice, but there are hidden dangers and spies everywhere.  Everyone has their informants.  And Thor is in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.  His powers also put him in danger in a way you will never see coming!  What's even worse?  After aspiring to a life of being a knight saving people, fighting for the kingdom and having honor, Thor never thought it would start out as shoveling manure and digging ditches.

   I really liked how this book felt so much like the middle ages; a time of knights, castles, and honor among men.  It is like a twist of King Arthur and The Sword in the Stone!  Thor is desperately trying to learn how to be a man of honor and this is just the beginning of his journey.  He is not what he thinks he is, and you don't find out exactly what he is in this book either.  Through Thor's new journey as a squire to a famous knight, he encounters some firsts such as drinking and being made fun of a little because he has not been with a woman before either.  His narrow escapes with his life also cause him to realize just how dangerous being a knight will truly be, should he become one.  But you also see the resilient spirit within him and can't help but admire it.  He is willing to go through great lengths to achieve his dreams.  And he always wants to keep his honor.  This is a great read!

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