Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Soulkeepers (Book 1) by GP Ching

   In a very different novel about angels, good and evil, and the fall of Satan, GP Ching unravels a new story about a 15-year-old boy named Jacob who has just lived the worst nightmare possible.  The problem is that he still thinks it's a dream; some horrific nightmare his mind has made up because of what he has been through.  His mother is missing and he is in the hospital injured.  They found him in his mom's car, behind the wheel, while the only sign of his mom being at the scene was her blood.  Jacob's uncle John, whom he didn't know existed, shows up at the hospital to tell him that Jacob has to come home with him.  Having no other choice, he moves to the tiny town that John lives in.  Everyone knows everyone and they all have family roots in this town.  Most of their families had been there for generations.  All except for Malini and her family.  She becomes Jacob's only friend.  Although John tries, he has a hard time getting close to Jacob.  Jacob's Aunt and cousin both seriously dislike him and it shows.  He's treated as an outsider everywhere he goes.  It all comes to a head one day when he goes off on his cousin for calling him names.  In a fit of rage, he bashes her prized dolls that are worth lots of money.  One of the heads happen to fly into the stained glass window of the neighbor across from their house.  To pay off his debt, Jacob has to start working for the strange Dr. Silva.  He helps her with gardening and it is tough work.  While working for Dr. Silva, he also discovers her secret garden full of exotic and scary plants, along with Oswald, the tree that can transport you to different places in the world.  To make everything extra strange, Jacob discovers that he has abilities when it comes to water.  In light of all that has happened, Dr. Silva admits she is here to be his Helper and he is a Soulkeeper.  He keeps souls safe from the evil ones, the fallen angels.  Even though he doesn't even believe in God, Jacob has his part to play in the war of good vs. evil.  But his main concern right now?  Find his mom.

   The weird in this book is off the wall.  Most of the things about this book are strange at best.  But that is what makes it so intriguing.  Who wouldn't be interested in a creepy transporting tree that grew from Dr. Silva's dead husband's burial plot?  Not to mention flowers that like blood, the secret of who Dr. Silva really is, where Jacob's mother really is, and more.  
   One thing we don't find out much about is exactly what part Malini plays in all of this.  Yes we know she is his one and only friend and that during the book their relationship becomes more than friendship, but Malini has her own secrets which you will find out more about in the second book.  Which you should check out if you read the first!

*image via GP Ching

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