Monday, December 9, 2013

Quotes from The Ravening Series

Been reading The Ravening Series again by Erica Stevens.  Cannot wait for the third book to come out!  Be looking for it!!

"The girls at school had called him the black devil due to his cold demeanor, midnight hair and onyx eyes.  I had never given much thought to the nickname, I'd thought it was silly and that they were absurd for saying it.  Standing in his presence now though I completely understood it, and couldn't shake it from my mind." 
-Ravenous (Book 1)

"There was no way to become used to this.  To become accustomed to the lack of noise in a world that had once been alive and thriving with it.  To do so would mean that I was ok with the reason behind the quiet.  And I was not, nor would I ever be, ok with the death and mayhem that the aliens had unleashed upon us.  Never be ok with the horror, terror, and loss that had unfolded because of them."                -Taken Over (Book 2)

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