Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Catharsis by D. Andrew Campbell

   I recently read a rather unique story that is not like any of the other vampire or succubus-type novels that I have ever read.  Our norm for these stories goes along the lines of a girl falling in love with a guy that is a vamp and they aren't supposed to be together because the guy wants to kill her because of her good smelling blood or they are mortal enemies.  Inevitably, everything the girl does is more based on how the boy would feel about it or something to that effect.  Now, I love a good romantic story as well as any other.  But the story told by Andrew Campbell is woven a little differently.  How about a story with a strong heroine in no need of a guy?

   Life for 16-year-old Catarina Perez has just gotten very complicated.  She wakes up in the middle of a bad part of town not remembering what happened.  Oh, and she's covered in blood while there's a dead guy in the alley with her.  Hmm.  Cat's body starts to change.  The light is difficult for her eyes.  She has incredible strength and agility.  And she suddenly wants to eat people.  After almost eating the school nurse, Cat leaves and finds an abandoned warehouse to live in.  She decides she can no longer be around other people.  Fighting within herself about what she is, she does her best to figure out how to turn around her dark gifts for something good.  However, even then, sometimes doing a good thing is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life.  Everything has its consequences.

There may be a dark side to what I'm embracing, but right now its existence is a distant memory.  I am one with the night, and I shall not be stopped.

   I love how Catharsis is so in depth about the struggles that Cat goes through while she tries to figure out where she now fits into the grand scheme of things.  She is utterly alone until she almost kills a dog, but ends up keeping him and calling him Lazzy.  Lazzy is the reason she keeps going at times, even though she is disgusted with herself and what she has to do to survive now.  Drinking blood isn't exactly ideal.  And it seems that the blood of certain people call to her more than others do.  And you see why later on.  That becomes one more problem on her list.  Her becoming "Super Cat" also has its own set of issues that come along with it.  Using her darkness for good means that while she is trying to take down the bad guys, she is still having to hurt people, normal people that do bad things.  Some people do these things for the money, some for the drugs, and some have other reasons. Some of these reasons are what will haunt Cat possibly forever.

This book is very clean and safe for the younger teens to read!!

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