Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kiss of Fire (Imdalind Series Book 1) by Rebecca Ethington

   "Everything changed on my fifth birthday."

   On Joclyn's 5th birthday, she was bitten by something that permanently left a mark behind her ear.  As a result, she was in a coma for months.  After that, things changed.  Her parents started fighting and eventually her father left, looking for answers.  The doctors had said they thought she had some kind of weird allergic reaction to something, but her father suspected it was more.  Her mother never believed that though.
   When Joclyn hit puberty, she started wearing baggy and dark clothing and lots of hoodies.  She didn't want anyone to see the mark on her.  It ruled her life.  She never even got close to anyone except her best friend Ryland.  They had been best friends since she was a little kid.  When her father left, her mom became a cook in Ryland's majestic home.  She has no other friends until a new girl comes to school and befriends Joclyn.  Wyn is a bubbly girl and has a brother named Ilyan that's quite a bit older than her.  He seems cold and reserved, nothing like Wyn.  That's when things start going awry.  The relationship between she and Ryland starts getting out of hand.  He is not even supposed to be around her, but they both have feelings for each other.  Then one night at Ryland's he sees the mark after telling her he loves her and knows exactly what it means.  Joclyn is in danger. Ryland's father will kill her if he catches her.     After that night, her life as well as Ryland's is in danger.  His father is a brute of a man and has forced
unspeakable things upon his children.  He wants to kill Joclyn because she is the last one of the Chosen Children.  She bears the mark, which means she can use magic.  And Joclyn's magic is particularly strong.  Ilyan and Wyn try to keep Joclyn safe as well as teach her about her new power.  But they also need to save Ryland from his father before it's too late.

Full of twists and turns, this book is a great read!  Joclyn slowly starts changing as she realizes the mark on her has taken hold of her life, destroying it.  Although she blames the mark, she starts to realize it is her fault for letting this happen.  And then there is the whole "I can do magic" thing that she now has to contend with.  Although it sounds a little out there, it is the only explanation she has for what has been happening.  Then there is the strange Ilyan.  Ryland sent her to him and Wyn to keep her safe.  Ilyan has such a big part in this that I cannot begin to explain it all.  He is the only one who can help Joclyn.  And it almost seems  like he doesn't like his position among the others that much.  It is a somewhat lonely position to have and he has no wife or girlfriend.  The life of Ryland and Ilyan are enigmas that slowly unwind and show the painful past they share.  All in all, a great book and I would love to continue the series!


*quote via Rebecca Ethington
*pictures via Rebecca Ethington

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