Monday, October 21, 2013

Interview with Tim O'Rourke!

And here is the email/Facebook interview I did with author Tim O'Rourke!!

1.How long have you been writing? 

--I started writing at the age of fourteen.

2. What/who is your biggest inspiration? 

--I get inspired by all sorts of things. Stories that I read about in the news or stuff that has affected my own life.

3. What inspired the Kiera Hudson Series?

--My wife wanted me to write a vampire story for her. I didn’t want to at first so I told her to come up with an idea and I would write the story for her. So she suggested a remote little police station where the night shift were all vampires. So I got writing…

4. Let’s talk about Jack Seth. We see him appear some in the first Kiera Hudson Series, but don’t delve too awfully much into his deep, dark heart. Please tell us about what to expect in the Jack Seth Novellas.

--Jack is trying to redeem himself for all his past mistakes. They have been pretty big mistakes like murder…but he is haunted by a curse which he is trying to lift. The Jack Seth series will look at that struggle. There will be links to the Kiera Hudson series.

5. When can we expect the final book in the Moon Trilogy to be out? 

--The third and final book in the ‘Moon Trilogy’ will be released early in 2014.

6. You have written tons of books. How exactly do you keep from burning out? 

--Writing is my passion and I write full time. I get up at seven each morning and start writing a t 9 am. Most days I finish at 5 pm but sometimes I write to much later. I often write for 12 hours in a single day.

7. What other hobbies do you enjoy besides writing? 

--I love walking and listening to music and messing about with my three kids.

8. Have your life experiences had an impact on your writing? 

--Yes. If you read my books you’ll see certain themes creep in in most of the stories that I write. The way in which I was raised, my schooling and faith had a big impact on me.

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