Thursday, October 24, 2013

Darkness Fades by Jessica Sorensen

   Kayla and Sylas have been caught in the end of the last book. This one starts there with us knowing Sylas is changing into an abomination while Kayla is being tortured. Aiden comes to her rescue though. But Aiden isn't Aiden anymore. And Kayla has a hard time deciding whether he is good or bad.  And what's worse is that Aiden is still changing.  Sylas is constantly on her mind, although now her thoughts are being invaded by Aiden with his new found talents.  While Kayla is intent on finding Sylas, her top priority is saving the world.  Sacrifice a few to save many.
   As much as I have looked forward to this book coming out, I was a little disappointed that it lacked the punch that the other two had. It didn't seem quite as put together.  The first two books were a nice change of scenery for Jessica Sorensen.  They weren't a romance type of novel, with more energy and life in them.  The last one was not so much.  I would personally give it a 3.5.
   Although the ending is what you pretty much expect, it seems to have some redeeming points to it.  It was a satisfying ending.  And there was a little bit of surprise in this book for me personally.  But there are also a lot of questions, many surrounding Monarch, the man who Kayla looked up to like a father until she left the colony.  

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