Friday, August 16, 2013

The Born Trilogy by Tara Brown

  It's us and it's them......

   It was something that Emma had drilled into her head since she was little by her dad.  When the end had come, just like her father said it would, they hid out.  They were prepared.  But her father was killed and she was left alone, and stayed alone for ten years, hiding out in a cabin deep in the woods.  She only came out when she needed supplies, which wasn't often since she and Leo, a wolf, were the only ones.  Until there is a knock on her cabin door one day.  Then everything changes.  She is no longer alone.  But Emma has been away from people for so long that she is more than awkward around them.  And she trusts no one except Leo.
I wasn't born into this world.  I had to learn how to survive and live with the other people in it.

   I honestly don't even know how to convey into words all of the feeling and realism that this series brings to its reader.  All three of the books are amazingly well written.  And the emotions feel so real.  Emma seems to be cold-hearted and unfeeling.  She kills when it's necessary without a second thought.  There is a serious disease going around making people into zombies.  If you come into contact with them, you get infected and you eat anything that moves.  You stay that way until you just waste away.  Once Emma has other people around her she must learn how to act more normal.  Her emotions constantly run high and she falls in love with two brothers, who are also both in love with her.  The sister of the two brothers becomes Emma's best friend and confidant.
   When the disease started, other people started building safe places to breed the healthy young women.  The only thing was that they were kidnapping them and horrible things were happening to these women.  Promises of safety and prosperity were what drew in some, but there was no truth in it.  Death is everywhere.  And Emma has not cared for anyone in ten years besides Leo.  So when her friends get hurt, she goes on a rampage.  The anger inside of her threatens to burn her up from the inside out.  But there are things about herself that she doesn't know.  And even things about the government that are the types of secrets you never want to hear.  (Spoiler alert ahead)-  The man in charge of this her biological father.   In the end, she knows she must stop him.  Stopping her father comes with a price.  A price she finds very hard to pay.  It's wreaks havoc on her heart.  Conspiracy, betrayal, love, heart-break, healing, and lots of death.  This series has it all.

Nothing is instant; evil and hatred take time.  It isn't as easy as using the internet to make hate, or commit crimes from a speeding car with a gun out the window.  Everything takes time and effort.  The good and the bad.


*images via Tara Brown
*quotes via Tara Brown

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