Monday, June 10, 2013

Prince of Wolves (Grey Wolves Series Book 1) by Quinn Loftis

   Seventeen-year-old Jacque Pierce sat at her window watching the Henry's house across the street.  They
were expecting an exchange student tonight and in a town of only 700 people it was a great piece of news for her and her friends, Sally and Jen.  What was even better was that the exchange student was a guy.  She watched a limo pull up and the most beautiful guy she had ever seen stepped out.
 "When you say gorgeous" Jen started, "are we talking Brad Pitt boyish good looks, or Johnny Depp make ya want to slap somebody?"
 "No we're talking Brad and Johnny need to bow down and recognize..."
Before he stepped into the Henry's house he looked straight up to her window and it felt like he was staring straight into her eyes...
   Fane was a Romanian and the "crown prince" of the huge grey wolf pack that his father was the alpha of.  Fane was next in line to be alpha.  Because of this he was covered in markings that looked like tattoos on the back of his shoulder coming all the way around to the front of his body.  It was to show all other wolves his stature in the pack.  He never thought that coming to America would change his life so drastically.  Then he saw Jacque the night of his arrival.  Fane knew almost immediately that she was his one and only mate.  Wolves only have one mate and its for life.  Mates can speak into each others minds and they both wear matching puzzle-piece type marks, although the female's marks are usually on a more hidden area (such as the back).  The only problem is that Jacque does not even know that werewolves are real.
   Jacque, on the other hand feels like she might be losing her mind.  Fane starts to speak to her mind and it freaks her out.  Then she finds out that it is Fane speaking to her and after about a day of knowing who he is she is feeling insanely jealous of any other girl flirting with him.  It takes a very short time for Jacque to fall completely in love with Fane.  But there are so many things she does not know or understand about who he is and even who she is.  It is unknown to her for a while that she also carries grey wolf blood through her veins.  Her father was a full blooded grey wolf and left her mother before she could tell him she was pregnant.
   Not long after arriving, Fane finds out that there is a pack of grey wolves around the area Jacque lives in.  There is no record of them, which is going against the laws of the wolves.  The pack leader named Lucas says that he has already claimed Jacque as his future mate.  Fane assures him that he could prove Jacque was not Lucas's true mate.  The markings had suddenly appeared on Jacque's back soon after Fane arrived.
   Things are changing so quickly that Jacque has a hard time keeping up.  Her mom lied to her about who she really was, she was a mate to Fane who could converse with her just with their minds, she is already crazy about him and some other wolf is trying to claim her.  She was feeling very overwhelmed.
   Things got complicated when Lucas challenged Fane for bonding ceremony.  There would be a fight to the death between the two of them.  Whoever was the victor would be bonded to Jacque in a special ceremony.  Fane's parents were being flown in to assure the fairness of the fight.  In less than a week's time, everything changed for them both.

   A very classic tale of two young adults falling madly in love.  The only difference being that this was forever.  In a world where relationships are very temporary, this is somewhat unusual.  But then again, there are many animals in the wild that do mate for life.  And the two of them do have animal blood running through their veins.  Their relationship develops overnight and it leaves Jacque reeling.  She was lied to by her mother for her whole  life because her mother had hoped she would live a normal life.  I would have been pretty stressed out and confused too had I been in the situation.  It's crazy to most of us that we would meet someone and instantly be in love with them and want to be with them forever.  But so is the world of the grey wolves.  This is their way.  To add to the stress on Jacque's life, she will have to move to Romania with Fane because he will be taking over the pack someday.  Then there's the whole bonding ceremony.  Saying some vows and such is not so bad.  But then again they also have to bite each other too.  Wow.  Now that is not really what you call traditional.  But it's the final way for Fane to mark her so no other can claim her as their own.  And  it will ease his aggressiveness.  The unmated males are very aggressive.  It's the female that balances them out.  But once it is performed, if one of them dies, so does the other.
   One of my favorite parts of the book:
"When a wolf lives so many years without his mate he can become volatile and aggressive.  The reason the female Canis Lupus are so precious is because they balance out the male's violent nature.  They bring peace to the battle that is constantly raging inside the wolf, especially the dominant ones..."


*quotes via Quinn Loftis
*images via Quinn Loftis

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