Wednesday, May 2, 2018

New Release & Review: Into the Abyss (Hell on Earth #2) by Brenda K Davies

Into the Abyss (Hell on Earth #2)
Brenda K Davies



Born behind a seal, I never experienced anything beyond those four walls until the jinn were freed from our prison. On Earth, the other demons see us as nothing but monsters; however, the demons don’t know the jinn as well as they think they do. I’m beginning to realize I don’t either.
When the jinn unleash a trap ensnaring most of the palitons in the Abyss, I find myself torn between loyalty to my kind and the anguish of those who remain free. Unable to walk away without at least trying to help, I offer to do the one thing I know could turn the jinn against me...even if it means joining with a demon I can’t resist.


The last thing I expected when returning from a hunt with Corson, Caim, and Raphael was to find most of our camp caught in the jinn’s trap. Nor was I expecting to capture the fiery beauty with the multi-hued eyes and jinn blood. Even knowing what she is, something about Amalia calls to me in a way no woman has. 
When she offers to help us, I know better than to trust a manipulative jinni. However, if I have any chance of saving my friends, I must follow her into the Abyss. As we travel deeper into the jinn’s twisted world, I realize there is far more to it than meets the eye, but just what secrets do Amalia and the Abyss hide? 

***The Hell on Earth series is a spin-off of the Road to Hell series. You do not have to read the Road to Hell Series to follow this series, but it is recommended that the Road to Hell Series be read first to avoid spoilers and to understand the characters better. Each book in this series will focus on different characters and should be read in order.***

Due to violence, language, and sexual content this book is recommended for readers 18+

Reading Order for the Hell on Earth Series:
Hell on Earth (Book 1)
Into the Abyss (Book 2)

Such a great read!  Into the Abyss was no disappointment in this second book of the Hell on Earth series.  The connection between Magnus and Amalia was immediate, but there were so many things in the way.  Including prejudices against the jinn and what they have represented in the past.  What he and the others don't know?  Not all jinn are the same.  And that makes a huge difference. It changes their views, especially Magnus's.  The fight he puts up against his feelings for Amalia is admirable, for sure.  Amalia, on the other hand, seems almost in need of protecting, but she exudes a quiet strength about her.  Not only did I enjoy their connection, but I really loved the danger and suspense that added many more layers to dig through in this book.  Definitely intriguing! 5 out of 5 stars!

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