Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Release and Review for Sweet Dreams: A Tucker PI Novel by TJ Spade

Sweet Dreams: A Tucker PI Novel
T.J. Spade

Kensei Tucker is a survivor. Ten years ago, she and four other college students were abducted and tortured by a serial killer who went by the name ‘Nightmare’. Kensei was the only survivor of this terrifying ordeal – saved by a grizzled homicide detective named Henry Sloane.

Fast forward and Kensei has moved on with her life. She’s made a home in the sleepy seaside town of Hawkins Landing, where she works as a private investigator at Henry’s agency, and life is good … until her phone rings.
It seems that Nightmare is back and has abducted five new girls. This should be impossible because Nightmare is dead … almost a decade ago, Henry Sloane emptied an entire clip into his chest.
Mac Jacobs works in Intelligence with the NYPD, and his sister, Emily, is one of Nightmare’s new victims. Benched from the case, Mac can think of only one way to find Emily, and this leads him straight to the door of Nightmare’s only survivor.
Will Kensei and Mac outwit an insane killer before it’s too late?
Or will Nightmare finally get what he’s always dreamed of … Kensei Tucker?
I'm a sucker for a good crime thriller once in a while. But this one? It had me sleeping on the couch with all the lights on. Not that it's scary in a gory way. This is no Texas Chainsaw Massacre or anything like that. This is one messed up psychological thriller. The bad guy is called Nightmare; a guy who's supposedly dead but resurfaces ten years after the heroine, Kensei Tucker, is rescued. Now, I will admit that I had no idea who the bad guy was and it kept me guessing the entire time. The whole thing was plotted out well and frankly this guy is just sick and twisted in ways you don't even realize until the end. I like how the crime part of the novel was always at the forefront instead of it being more about the love interest. I loved Mac and Kensei's budding romance, but it was done in a way so as to not take from the storyline. It enhanced it. I have to admit, I wish there was more about Will. He was a really cool character I would love to know more about. All in all, I really enjoyed it. The author created a rather realistic tale that is haunting and daunting.
5 out of 5 stars!



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