Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New Release and Review for Courting Chaos by Lynne Barron


What happens when London's longest reigning rake decides to make mischief?
Born of scandal and raised in squalor, Miss Harry O'Connell turned her back on her feckless, frivolous father and carved out a life for herself in the working-class neighborhood of Wellclose Square. She's a creature of habit, a stickler for schedules, a keeper of secrets, and a woman adamantly opposed to wasting so much a single minute - let alone a spare shilling - on useless endeavors, sentimental nonsense or impossible expectations.
Opposites attract...
With three men standing between Phineas Griffith and the nearest title, he was perfectly content to float through life on a wave of mistakes, mishaps, coincidences and luck. Two unfortunate accidents and an apoplectic fit later, the new Viscount Knighton finds himself saddled with a decimated estate, a mountain of debt and two sisters in need of launching into Society in tandem. There's really nothing for it but to woo and wed an heiress post haste.
Orbits align...
An unwelcome visit from the Earl of Dunaway puts Harry on a collision course with the handsome fortune-hunter, and wreaks havoc with her meticulously managed, precisely timed and exactingly organized life.
Worlds collide...
Phineas cannot afford the luxury of falling in love with a prickly, pragmatic and penniless woman. Harry hasn't the time or inclination to dally with a charming rake when all her considerable talents are aimed at laying waste to all the Earl of Dunaway holds dear.
And chaos ensues.
Some forces are greater than gravity and some chances worth taking. Can these two star crossed-lovers find the wherewithal to risk it all for a happily-ever-after that defies all odds?

Courting Chaos: http://amzn.to/2jBZaci
Taming Beauty: http://amzn.to/2c1h0pM

Lately I've had a particular penchant for historical romance and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. This is not the first time I've read something by this author. I really enjoyed the last book as well. This one however, hit at my heart strings a little more. The thing that got to me the most was about remorse and regret, and the difference between the two. We all have done things we probably shouldn't have, but that doesn't mean we should regret them. Our past actions bring us to the place we are now. And that is something that Harry learns in this book. It seems that through most of the book, she's so preoccupied with getting vengeance and bringing Dunaway down that she is blinded by it and unable to see through to the real person beneath not just in him but Phineas as well. And Phineas, let's just say he has no idea who he's dealing with when it comes to Harry. He makes so many blunders, but he is more than she thinks he is. Harry's a wily one and very smart. In fact, of all the characters in the book, I believe she's the smartest until it comes down to matters of the heart. That she shields and protects at all costs. I find it very hard to dislike Dunaway in this series. More and more tidbits about him are unveiled, showing that he is indeed more than a rake chasing after loose skirts and siring children all over the place. Another great read!
5 out of 5 stars!




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