Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Release and Review for Beyond Falling Stars (Starlight Saga Book 3) by Sherry Soule

Beyond Falling Stars (Starlight Saga Book 3) by Sherry Soule


Being hunted by alien mutants totally sucks. And the threat of imprisonment in a secret underground lab? Even suckier.

Now that Sloane Masterson’s blackmailer has been revealed, and she knows the truth about why Hayden’s been so secretive, she’s ready to put all that epic craziness behind her.
Besides, Sloane has bigger problems to deal with, like protecting her family from Sector Thirteen and getting Hayden’s snobby parents to accept her as one of them. . .which is proving more difficult than giving up chocolate.
And what better way to win over the ’rents and evade ST than an intergalactic vacay with her smoking’ hot boyfriend?
Sloane and her bestie, Viola Saks, are invited to join the Lancaster brothers for a twisted family reunion on their home planet, an oasis of wicked cool beaches, warm dual suns, and clear blue seas.
But danger lurks in paradise. . .
Even in this beautiful utopia, Sloane and Hayden’s relationship is never far from higher levels of suckage. They might be vacationing in a galaxy far, far away, but someone still wants her dead.
Will their love survive all the secrets and betrayals?

A fascinating end to the Starlight Series! I'm not even sure where to start besides that Sloane is a trouble magnet like no other. How one girl can unintentionally cause so much havoc is beyond me. But the love she and Hayden share is the real deal and because of it, Sloane is constantly in danger from one person or another, or a whole group of people. It's like a series of very unfortunate events. It is nice to read how much she wanted the approval of Hayden's parents. The trip to Reticuli goes from vacation from Earth to even more hazardous than being back on her home planet. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Fright Night Babble interspersed throughout the book. It lends real character to the book and enhances Sloane's character further. This book also goes to show just how deeply words can hurt others. The nasty things said really get to Sloane for a while and in reality that's what happens when people put others down. It's a good lesson in not doing that to others and another in not listening to those that make you doubt your own self-worth. The only thing about the book? There was something that happened with her powers which was not really explored further and I sure wish it had been. Otherwise, it was a great read!
5 out of 5 stars!

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