Friday, December 23, 2016

Review for Evan (Seals Of Honor Book 8) by Dale Mayer

Evan (Seals Of Honor Book 8) by Dale Mayer


This is book 8 in the series. 

Everyone considered Evan a bit of a wild card. Even Megan. Little did she know he was carrying the torch for her and all the rest was camouflage.

When she transfers to the West Coast to join the new helicopter division, their lives collide once again.

Another SEAL unit is under attack and needs their help, but when the attackers turn on Megan, she’s the one in danger.

With the enemy closer than they’d like to believe, Megan and Evan struggle to piece together what happened to their friends.

They need to figure it out fast before there are more victims. Starting with them.

Megan and Evan have a history: one steamy weekend before they went their separate ways. Years later they find each other once more, but not before Megan has developed a healthy mistrust of...herself. I know, surprising right? But true. The residual feelings and memories of their time together always lurk under the surface for them both but Megan has gotten tangled up in some bad business involving another of the Seals she helped rescue and she's in some major danger. All the while, Evan is trying to protect her, but Megan proves more than competent and she ends up saving him a time or two. I love the tension between the two. Honestly, I wasn't quite so fond of Megan at first until I began to understand her motives. Once you see why she is acting the way she is, you can't help but think you might want to be a little like her. She's a pretty tough woman and flies helicopters. How cool is that? This was a riveting read! 
5 out of 5 stars!



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