Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Release Whips, Chains, and Chickens: A Short Comic Romance by Bree Pierce

~*~*~*~*NEW RELEASE*~*~*~*~
Whips, Chains, and Chickens: A Short Comic Romance
by Bree Pierce

Cynthia Kent: coffee barista by day, author of erotic novels by night. Her seemingly tiresome existence is spiced up when she decides to proposition a stranger. Caymen Taylor is not just any man though. He has tattoos, gauged earrings, and a motorcycle. He's the kind of bad boy that women dream of. When things get too deep with Cynthia, demons of the past resurface, threatening to choke the serious attachment forming between the two.

***This book is a short comic romance novella that contains mature content! Not for readers under age 18!!***

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About the Author:
Bree Pierce grew up in a rural area in Arkansas and still resides in a small town in the same state.  As a child she dreamed of becoming an author one day and loved to make up stories about animals and knights in shining armor.  As she hit adulthood and started a family, those dreams were lost for a time, but were revived with a vengeance and now she writes a little bit of everything from shifter fairy tales to vampires, zombies, and a little good old-fashioned romance.  Bree is married to a wonderfully supportive husband and has three beautiful children and 2 dogs to keep her days filled with laughter.  Be sure to check out her pages or send her a quick email. 

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