Friday, December 9, 2016

New Release and Review for: Girl of Glass by Megan O'Russell

Two glass turning back.
The human race has been divided. The chosen few live in the safety of the domes, watching through their glass walls as those left on the outside suffer and die. But desperation has brought invention, and new drugs have given the outsiders the strength to roam the poisoned night unafraid – but it comes at a price.
Seventeen-year-old Nola Kent has spent her life in the domes, being trained to protect her little piece of the world that has been chosen to survive. The mission of the domes is to preserve the human race, not to help the sick and starving. But when outsider Kieran Wynne begs for Nola’s help in saving an innocent life, she is drawn into a world of darkness and danger. The suffering on the other side of the glass is beyond anything Nola had imagined, and turning her back on the outside world to return to the safety of the domes may be more than she can stand. Even when her home is threatened by the very people Nola wants to help.

Being a teenager living like a bug under glass would not be my ideal way of living. But that's the way things are in this new world full of danger. Certain people were chosen to preserve the human race and put into domes away from the poisonous outside world. Everyone else was left to suffer and die, including children. It's a harsh reality. The people outside of the domes are starving and suffering from various ailments. To combat this they come up with drugs, but they turn the people into something else. Nothing about their life is easy. Nola lives in the dome with her mother. She has a future planned out and a guy head over heels for her. But when her old friend, Kieran, shows back up in her life, everything starts tumbling down around her. Not only is she torn between two guys, but two different worlds. This was an intriguing take on vamps and werewolves. One I really enjoyed!

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