Friday, November 4, 2016

REVIEW for Millie Hardiman and the Red Parrot Fever by Eddie Owens


Millie Hardiman is a thirteen year old from Bognor Regis, with a wild imagination, who dreams of becoming a writer. 

When Millie’s scriptwriter Dad, Barry, has writer’s block, Millie becomes his muse for the daytime television soap, Double Top. 

After her success on Double Top, Millie creates a Sci-Fi, teen drama, The Adventures of Martian Girl.

Millie falls in love for the first time with Wolf Van Der Beek, an arrogant, South African child actor. 

This is a story about friendship, first love and growing up.

I just finished reading this book. Never read anything by the author before but I found this book about a girl named Millie to be pretty entertaining. I would recommend it for young teens. I did find Millie to be somewhat annoying with her constant story telling at times, but she does eventually learn her lesson and uses her stories for more constructive reasons instead of to torture people. Frankly I think her character quite resembles young teens. But there are some good lessons she learns and that is what makes the book even better. A rather good read! 
4 out of 5 stars!



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