Friday, September 16, 2016

Preorder for Hit Man (Most Wanted Book 1) by J.L. Beck

Hit Man (Most Wanted Series #1)Kindle Edition
by J.L. Beck  (Author)

A hit man and a bookworm walk into a bar. No, seriously they do. 

Wes Reynolds has one goal, and one goal only. Take out the target, collect the payment, and go to the next job. What happens though when you discover the next target is yourself? And that death couldn't have come at the most wrong time.

*****“I was shot…” I stated the obvious. The voice that met my ears didn’t sound like my own. It was gruff, and croaky. I had been shot. I had nearly died, and because of this criminal. This man. 

“Yup you were…” Wes sighed into the air, making the air in the room that much more stiff. There wasn't a single sign of him being sorry in his voice which made me want to reach out and slap the f*ck out of him all that more. He had almost taken my life, yet he didn't seem the least bit concerned. Maybe he didn't have a heart, or maybe he just didn't care. 

#PREORDER today, and pay on release day for this dangerous, and highly intoxicating new series from J.L. Beck. It's sure to have you holding onto the edge of your seat.

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