Sunday, August 21, 2016

99 Cent Sale!!

Check out this excerpt of The Coin from Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra​. 
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Life wasn’t fair.

He still didn’t know what was so important about the coins anyway, or why the damn things needed to be cleaned and photographed. It was all so stupid. If it weren’t for the fact that he needed the extra pocket money while he studied for his BAC, he wouldn’t put up with this nonsense. Unfortunately, he had no choice, and this mysterious routine had to be perpetuated until his grandfather told him otherwise. He didn’t particularly care what became of those photos after he mailed them, but he suspected it had something to do with the strange visitor a few months ago.

With past events still rancorously boiling in his mind, he diligently cleaned the coin, prepared the ancient camera equipment, and took close-ups of both sides of the small coin. He gave a small snort of derision as he rolled in the film. Why didn’t the old man get one of those instant cameras that cluttered the market nowadays? It was more modern, practical, and wouldn’t keep wasting his time. But like everything else that pertained to these coins, David knew it was futile to complain.

As night closed in, David set about finishing his other tasks as quickly as possible. Once finished, he placed the photo roll inside a padded, stamped envelope, and meticulously closed the shop. On his way home, he dropped it off at La Poste and forgot about it.

Little did he know a discreet worldwide alert would be issued barely two weeks later.

The Coin
Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra 

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