Thursday, July 14, 2016

Interview With Debut Author Ninana Howard

We are talking turkey today with debut author Ninana Howard!  Her book Essentia, The Heart of Aelmere (The Curse of Aelmere Series Book 1) is due to release TOMORROW!  Congrats to her on her debut book!  There are interview questions below along with what she had to say!  Be sure to check back in on July 15th to see the release day info!

          Essentia, The Heart of Aelmere           
(The Curse of Aelmere Series Book 1) 
by Ninana Howard

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1.How did you decide to publish your first book? Was it a last minute decision or did you consider it for a long period of time?

I had thought about writing one for a while. My boyfriend bought me a new laptop so I could start writing. It was a Year after that that I had actually started it.
 After Putting in all the long hours writing and editing and doing it all over again, I thought it would be a waste to not share it with the world. That’s why I decided to publish it.

2. What are your biggest fears as a new author?

I don’t really have any fears as a new author. I mean, Yes I want my book to sell, But I do not have a fear of it not selling. Every reader has their own flavor of books they like to read. My Book will be someone’s flavor eventually.  J

3. How did you come up with the title of your book, Essentia?

I came up with the name for this book by doing some word play with some of the elements that are in the book.

4. What do you have planned next for your Curse of Aelmere series?
            I have 2 more books in the series I am currently working on.

 5. What was your inspiration for Essentia?

The only inspiration I had was a dream I use to have a few years ago. It started with that, then just kept going.

6. When do you expect to have your next book out?

I am shooting for Fall of this year for the second book.

7. What are your experiences thus far in the indie community? Have they been positive or negative?

So far the Indie Community has been very supportive. I have met some great Authors and Bloggers. There is a great support system in this community. So I would have to say it has been very positive.

8. Do your past life experiences have an impact on your writing?

In a way they do, but in a more imaginative way to add to the story.

9. What are your hobbies?

          My hobbies are Photography, Painting, Sewing, Traveling, Wood and Marble carving, some metal sculpture, Beadwork and many more.  Anything creative really.

10. Would you share a small excerpt from Essentia with us?

    I smile at Thegan and say “At least I didn't blow anything up." Everyone snickered.
    Enre whispers to me over my shoulder  "So Being loved not only makes you happy, but everyone around you as well.  Makes me wonder what all those 'other' feelings would make you do."  I blush instantly, knowing exactly what he means by 'other feelings.' 
    "The flowers, they are changing colors," Aiden said. I tore my gaze from Enre and looked around.  He was right, all of the blue and gold flowers start turning to pink and red. Well, that's great.  Mood Flowers, if all of this wasn't embarrassing enough.
    "I think it's cute," Enre says to me very quietly.  He would.  He is not the one that's a walking visual emotion.
    "The pendants are done," Crios says, his eyes wide as he looks at the color-changing flowers.
    "Thank God,” I say. Everyone tries to hide their laughs. Mind you, they are failing miserably.  'Thanks, guys' I think to myself.

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