Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NEW RELEASE AND REVIEW FOR Advancing (Advance Industries Book 2) by K A Duggsy


Reunited but at what cost? 
Because when time is involved, everything can change in an instant. 

After travelling away from Advance Industries Faith and Kye find themselves in an unfamiliar city. 
Facing new enemies, old grievances and dealing with the impossible decisions awaiting them. 
Faith has emerged as a new woman. Determined to control her own destiny, but Kye is just as determined to right the wrongs they caused. 
Which will win? 
Morals or love? 
Sometimes, the one we want most is the one we're best off without and love doesn't always conquer all. 
They need to decide whether to listen to their hearts or their heads and they need to do it fast before their enemies close in. 

Please note this is the second book in the series. Book 1 Advance does need to be read first for this to be understood.

In the second book of this series, we once again have Faith and Kye in new and different circumstances, but the old push and pull between them is ever present. At times it really does seem that their relationship is doomed to fail because of so much turmoil between the two of them. They are both so insanely stubborn and Faith's flight instinct is still in full swing. However, there is a new spin on things and they find out that whatever they did screwed up the future and now they must go back again. But there's a complication with Faith and things spin out of control very quickly. As much as the back forth between the two drove me half mad at times, I absolutely loved the end of this book and what was written in those last chapters by the author were quite profound.
5 out of 5 stars!



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