Friday, May 13, 2016

Review for The Second First Chance by Blakely Bennett

If you could have a second chance at true love, would you take it? 

Jayden is offered the opportunity to journey back in time after she loses her soulmate, Callahan, on their twentieth anniversary. Enticed by the idea of meeting Callahan ten years earlier, she takes the leap. 

From 2015 back to 1985, Jayden restarts her college experience at Florida State University. Her best friend Patrick from the first time around is at her side, supporting her attempts to win over young Cal. 

Professor Travis Stratford has his eyes set on Jayden and throws his hat into the ring. Could he be a good distraction while she waits for Callahan to give her a second first chance? 

Young Cal, still suffering from a recent loss of his own, is a different man than her Cally of the future. Will Jayden have the patience necessary to win him over? Will Cal believe her crazy tale? 

Immerse yourself in this poignant, sexy, hilarious romance, which will have you laughing—and crying— your heart out. 

An interesting time travel book about getting another chance by Blakely Bennett. That's right. Jayden, a 48-year-old woman unexpectedly looses her husband and apparently the universe had deemed his death too early. So she gets the chance to go back in time and try again. The hitch? Well, people can be different the second time around. Her Callahan is not the man she knew before he died. But then again, she went back ten years before they met the first time. Determined to do better all the way around, Jayden is determined to get Callahan to fall in love with her again while enjoying her friendship with Patrick and being pursued by one of her professors. With all of the language and sexual content, this book is not for those under 18. And although the idea of traveling back in time for a second chance is not new, the author has created a compelling story.
4 out of 5 stars!!



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