Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review and Release Day for Bent Penny by John Day

The psychological crime thriller, set in London, begs to be read in one go, tugging the reader onwards through its intense drama.
D.I. Penny Britain is a brilliant detective, but despised by colleagues for not being normal, like them.
She has dark secrets and no man, or woman come to that, in her life. Until Paul enters her life, that is, but he is taken.
Her boss dumps a high profile kidnapping case on her. She discovers a trail of intrigue and murder out of all proportion to the crime. Then the dead bodies start piling up as someone covers their tracks. When Penny finally discovers the enormity of the threat she faces, her name is added to the hit list.
What is the connection to the gruesome Concrete Man murder? A dead body, but no victim.
Who is the serial killer dubbed the Index Murderer? Elusive as a ghost, forensically aware and super smart, leaving no clues. Who will be next?
Another gripping John Day thriller, like no other you will have read.

Another great and exciting read from John Day! Bent Penny is full of action and suspense! A high profile kidnapping is given to Penny to investigate but she gets into more than she bargains for. A group of terrorists are somehow tied to the case, which ends up being so much more than routine. All the while the police are also looking for a serial killer. Penny has the worst luck with men. I kind of feel sorry for her really. Well, besides the underhanded dealings she gets involved in. When it comes to that, she made her bed. It ends in a cliffhanger that makes you wonder what kind of trouble Penny will get into next and whether she can right things.



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