Thursday, May 26, 2016

Book Blitz and Review for The Burden of Trust by Tabitha Dye

Title: The Burden of Trust
Author: Tabitha Dye
Genre: Contemporary, Women's Fiction
Release Date: October 18, 2013
Cover Design: Tabitha Dye

The Burden of Trust is a love filled drama about an arrogant actor who accidentally falls head over heels with a lesbian who has a dark twisted past.

As a last resort, Kate found herself in the hospital chapel; even though she wasn’t a religious person, she needed guidance more than she had ever imagined. Sitting in silence with maybe one other person, Kate was unsure of how this was done. It had been three months since Kerri had fallen into her coma, and Kate had begun to lose her faith about recovery. Her eyes closed and her hands folded in a prayer pose; she didn’t pay any attention when someone sat down in her pew, but continued to pray. A soft, drawling voice spoke to her and rattled her nerves. Kate had prepared herself for this moment; it would only be a matter of time before they showed up. 

To get right down to brass tax, this is not something I would normally read. It's kind of out of my "genre" so to say. However, I did find this a rather intriguing read and had to follow it through to the end to find out where everything would lead. Kate is one conflicted individual and with good reason. Some of those reasons are hidden until you get well into the book. At that point you do start wondering what exactly the big secret is that she's hiding, and it's a doozy. But then again, she was in a rough place and had little choice. Then years later she is still coping with losing Kerri and their baby when Chris Cody strolls into her life quite forcefully. The man who has everything he ever wanted, but realizes how empty his life has been and how no one is actually interested in him personally. It's just his fame and fortune. But then there's Kate who's brutally honest and causes him to rethink everything. A friendship buds between them and Kate finds that she can finally let go and trust someone again and she starts changing for the better, but as always, something awful happens that causes quite the upheaval in her and Chris's friendship. To be honest, you're left wondering just where their friendship is heading because it's quite intense to be just friends. But it doesn't really say in the end and there are a few loose ends so I am hoping that there is a second book in the works.
4 out of 5 stars!

Tabitha is a new and upcoming author who just finished her first novel in The Burden of Trust series. At the age of twenty she was published in Families Like Mine, which sparked her passion for storytelling.

Currently living in Florida, Tabitha is a graduate from University of Central Florida with a Business degree. Today she spends her time reading, traveling the state with her husband and finds herself addicted to English Tea to help with the late night writing sessions.

I self-published, so there is no specific editor and I created the covers through CreateSpace.

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