Sunday, April 10, 2016

Review for Faery Fire (Realm Jumper Chronicles Book 5) by Raven Williams

An unexpected meeting. A match born of legend and fire. 
Helena has always been a powerful witch. She learned early on of her affinity with fire and it has served her well. While trying to help her friend, she starts having her own strange dreams. Then, she meets an Archangel, and everything starts falling into place. 
Archangel Michael, Lead Warrior for the Angels of Light, doesn't know whether to strangle Helena, or kiss her, when they first meet. What he does know is her story intrigues him, and he must help her find the answers she seeks. 
In searching for those answers, they uncover a prophecy surrounding Helena. This discovery sends them on an quest to the different realms of the Universe. As the war between Dark and Light continues on Earth, will they find that which they seek? Or is the Earth doomed to fall into darkness? 

My Review:
So much action!  As the adventure continues, Helena and Michael go on quite a journey as they not only find out more information on Helena's background but discover there should be a third prophecy about keeping the balance between light and dark and so they are sent to find it.  As Helena deals with all of the newness to this fantasy world she has been thrust back into, she is also dealing with her feelings for Michael.  Then there is the light army back on Earth.  They are getting small, frequent attacks from Vaduxach's army that are taking out some of their important warriors due to grievous injuries.  Vaduxach is constantly frustrated with how things are going and with his witch woman, Cassie, who has her own agenda.  To cap it off, the Dark Mother, Lilith, is involved in this attempt at taking over Earth.  That can never be a good thing!  Lots of goings on in this book and I enjoyed reading it!



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