Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Review for Spell Bound by Dorian Tsukioka

In order to save her family, Aniya sacrifices herself as a slave to Rahotep, the High Priest and second most powerful man in all of Egypt. In the dungeon of the palace she finds herself entwined in both magic and a budding romance with one of Rahotep's own servants. 

The High Priest has his own plans for Aniya -- plans that lead to her death. Aniya is faced with choosing her own path or sacrificing herself once again for the sake of those she loves most. 

Spell Bound is a fairy tale retelling woven with threads of magic and sacrificial love. If you like page-turning action, surprising twists and turns, and heroic love, you'll love Dorian Tsukioka's newest fairy tale adventure into the mystical world of ancient Egypt.

Spell Bound is a very interesting story that the author has written by taking some historical figures in ancient Egypt and entwining a Snow White undertone to.  Aniya has very pale skin unlike other Egyptians, but like Snow White.  And there is even a poison apple, a wicked queen, and death-like sleep.  However, her story is also along the lines of the story of Nefertiti and Akhenaten, which are prominent figures in the history of Egypt for turning from worship to multiple gods to one god Aten.  But in this story, Aten is not who he seems and doesn't seem like a good god either.  There is evil afoot in more than one place, and magic is everywhere.  I love how the stories are so laced together.  It gives this story quite a kick.  
5 out of 5 stars!


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