Friday, February 26, 2016

Review for Deathsworn Arc Book 2: The Verkreath Horror by Martyn Stanley


Imperial Wizard Saul Karza has stared death in the face.
Instead of an easy ride home to claim his reward, he finds himself fleeing a fanatical dragon cult and a horde of vile creatures - determined to devour his entire party.
Just when things couldn't get any worse, he is faced with the even greater horror, of Brael Truthseeker's enigmatic 'Truth'.

The Deathsworn Arc Series of Dark, Epic Fantasy Adventure Novels:-
Deathsworn Arc : The Last Dragon Slayer
Deathsworn Arc 2 : The Verkreath Horror
Deathsworn Arc 3 : The Blood Queen

The Deathsworn Arc is a fantasy series with themes of atheism and pragmatism, it contains graphic violence and mature themes.

Book 2 in the Deathsworn Arc series is another one full of adventure and danger!  This group just keeps running into trouble and they can't seem to avoid it.  While looking for Callen, the boy they sent away before fighting the dragon, they come upon a town riddled with the plague.  Everyone in town seems to be dying of it and there are literally pits of dead people.  To make matters worse, the Servants of the Flame find them and almost kills Korhan in the process.  It turns out when one threat to the kingdom has been vanquished, more pop up in its place.  The Verkreath are rat men that live deep underground and when the group has to go underground to avoid the Servants, they run into them with some nasty consequences.  And while Vashni is no doubt very important to the group and a very powerful elf, I cannot help but think that Brael is even more powerful than she is.  I wish we could see more of what he can do and have hope of it in the following book.  All in all, this is one fast paced, adventurous read that is guaranteed to entertain those that are interested in this type of book!
4 out of 5 stars!



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