Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review and Release Day for Arctic Fire (The Fire and Ice Series Book 2) by Erica Stevens

So, in book 2 of this series, Quinn and Julian have established something of a relationship that just keeps getting deeper and definitely hotter the more you get into the book.  But Quinn is also still running from her past full tilt.  The vamp who killed her suddenly comes front and center and things start getting gritty in the little town she lives in.  People start dying and some of them aren't staying dead.  What's worse is that the vampire who killed Quinn can control minds, which can be particularly dangerous since he could get at their group through the humans hanging out with she and Julian.  The things this vampire does to get at Quinn is very brutal and gory.  And Julian can't help but be reminded of his brutal past.  A past he tries to keep from returning, but it's hard at times not to let go and just return to the carnage he could wreak.  Especially with Quinn threatened so.  Soon enough she comes face to face with this vamp and things get ugly quick like.  All I can say is that now it's officially in the open that they are mates, I have no idea how Julian held himself together walking such a razor's edge in some scenes.  But it was a fabulous read and this is one great series!
A 5 our of 5 stars!

For the past six years, Quinn has looked forward to the day when she would finally have her revenge against the vampire who slaughtered her family. What she never expected is for that vampire to walk into Clint’s bar and unleash terror and death on her small desert town. With more people dying every day, Quinn realizes she must delve deeper into her power than she’s ever wanted or dared to before in order to save her loved ones. 
As new enemies and allies arise and good friends are lost, Julian will do whatever it takes to keep Quinn from the clutches of the vampire who stalks and torments her. Even if it means becoming the vampire he once was and swore he’d never be again. 
***The Fire and Ice series is a spinoff based on characters from The Kindred Series. You do not have to read The Kindred Series in order to enjoy this book or its successors. The maturity level of this series will grow with each book and is recommended for readers 17+***



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