Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review and Release Day for Advance: Advance Industries Book 1 by K A Duggsy

"Time is something we can't control. We may think we have plenty of it but it ticks past so quickly, before we know it, it's run out." 

Faith Elaina is a reporter in the new world. She has no friends and no family... or so she believes. When she is approached with an intriguing tale by a homeless man claiming to be the missing Professor Laudnam, she finds herself agreeing to embark on a fact-finding mission to expose Advance Industries. They are a multi-national corporation and leaders of scientific breakthroughs. They push the boundaries in experimentation in order to sell viable products to the market. Their latest invention known as Advance is the most exciting yet. A system designed to transport humans from one place to another efficiently and effectively. 
Faith sets out to save those incapable of saving themselves. 
But who really needs saving? 
Are the people she’s trying to help really trustworthy? 
As the story she’s chasing unfolds, Faith realises how inexplicably intertwined her life really is with Advance Industries. When the formidable Kye steams into her life knocking it off kilter even more, he has her head spinning and her heart fluttering. Handsome, confusing and full of strange endearments, he also has a story to tell. But who should she believe? 
Can she regain her supposed lost memories? And if so, can she hold on to them long enough to achieve her goal? Especially when the loved ones she forgot about are in danger! 

Faith is a woman who lives in a society where people are broken up into very distinct circles: the haves, the have nots, and those off grid. You don't really find out much about those off grid in the book, but there is a large separation of the classes and frankly it's disturbing to a degree because those that have things seem to no longer have empathy for others. So they don't care what happens to those that don't have anything. Except for Faith. She feels like she doesn't belong in the upper class and you know what? She's right. Her life as she currently knows it is all a ruse thanks to her memories being altered because of Advance Industries and their testing on human subjects. Everything is a lie. And then there is Kye, a man from a different time who's in love with her. He met her when she accidentally traveled to his time through a tube designed to travel across areas in the same city. He's wily and driven, but I liked his character quite a bit. Faith's character was a bit different though. We see several sides of her, but you don't really get the full explanation as to why until later and then it all makes sense. As for the doctor, well the more I saw of him, the crazier he seemed. That guy is off his rocker; possibly a full blown sociopath. Although it didn't flow quite as smoothly as I expected in some spots, it was still quite entertaining and interesting!



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