Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review of Elven Dreams (Realm Jumper Chronicles Book 4) by Raven Williams

Dreams are becoming nightmares and a great war is coming. 
The demon, Vaduxach, is using nightmares to pull humans into the war between Dark and Light.  Will he succeed?  If he does, which side will they choose? 
Cheyenne is a human woman with strong magical potential. She is the target of the demon and his evil plans. Will she be swayed to Darkness or remain in the Light? 
Relalith, an Elven Realm Jumper, is tasked with determining the cause of human nightmares. In the course of this quest he finds out Cheyenne is much more than anyone realizes, especially for him. Can he save her from the demon's clutches or will he be too late? 

Elven Dreams is book 4 in the Realm Jumper Chronicles and I have to say upfront that I devoured this book.  The author has only improved more and more in her writing and of all the books in this series, I think this is my favorite so far.  There will be more so we will see if it holds or it's replaced by the next book.  Now in the book before it, I kind of expected there to be a very epic war in book 4 since there was so much build up towards it in book 3.  We don't see that yet, but it does not disappoint!  So much action and happenings!  Vaduxach, the Demon has been very busy wreaking havoc among human dreams and he has a new partner, Cassie, who is a dark witch.  Funny enough, Cassie is manipulating him and I am not sure that he has recognized the fact yet.  And it makes me wonder if he will actually keep her around or try to get rid of her later on.  Frankly, I'm not sure who I would rather the bag guy be.  I'm not sure at this point which is actually worse.  Another mate is found among the elves and Cheyenne, a human bearing an Elven soul, has been brought to the camp where the war council is staying.  Now, they are saying she has magical abilities, but we don't really see that in this book.

Things I look forward to seeing/ hoping to see in Book 5:
- Cassie and Vaduxach try to destroy each other
-Cheyenne coming into her powers
-All about who Helena really is (Cheyenne's friend who is having dreams of being a Fey)
-Battle!  Who doesn't like a good battle between good and evil?


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