Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review for The Boys Club by Angie Martin

Such an excellent book by Angie Martin! I started reading this yesterday morning and couldn't stop until I was finished late last night. I had to know whether Logan was going to get caught by this big fish who apparently has been trying to kill him for some time now. And this closed off guy takes his job very seriously. I love the idea of there being an organization that makes things right when the law fails to. And I am a sucker for the tortured hero, but this guy had good reason. What happened to his family was despicable. As for the leak, my only regret about this book was that it was too easy for me to figure out who it was. Otherwise, I loved it! Readers beware though, there's a bit of torture in this book.

Growing up a homeless juvenile delinquent left its mark on Gabriel Logan. He lived a throwaway existence until a former FBI agent recruited him for a fringe organization for boys like him, ones who could operate outside the law for the sake of justice. As an adult, he sets an example for the others and is slated to take over their group, until his work results in the murder of his pregnant wife.
Going through the motions of everyday life, Logan does only what’s required of him with one goal in mind: kill Hugh Langston, the man responsible for his wife’s death. When he’s handed the opportunity to bring Langston down, he jumps at the chance, but the job will challenge him more than anything in the past. Not only does he have to save Langston’s daughter from her father’s hit list, but the job seems to have come to them a little too easily. Logan must find a way to not only rescue the one woman who can take down his biggest enemy, but also look into the men he trusts most to discover which one of them is betraying The Boys Club.
The Boys Club contains strong violence. Reader discretion advised.


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