Monday, January 18, 2016

Now You See Her... (Psychic Visions Book 8) by Dale Mayer

Energy. The life force of good … and evil 
And sometimes evil is stronger. 

Tia spent years imprisoned in a 'special' program. When she finally escaped, she ran as far away as she could. But it wouldn't leave her alone. 

Only one person can help her. Stefan. But when she contacts him for help, she gets more than she bargained for. Six weeks later, she awakens from a coma to find more problems than ever – and she's still being hunted. 

Dean, moonlighting as a guard at the hospital, finds himself in an impossible situation. His belief system is stretched out of control by someone whom he can't forget ... and can't believe. Until he has no choice. 

With everything on the line, Tia and Dean must work together to solve the problem that has somehow – in a very unique way – entwined them both.

Now You See Me is admittedly the first book I have read in this series and honestly it makes me want to go back and start from book 1. Why? It was a great paranormal read! It kept me interested from the very start and I finished the book very quickly because of how interested I was to see the developing relationship between Dean and Tia when Tia had tried to close herself off from pretty much everyone for a very long time. And this man has the ability to bring her out of her shell, not to mention the fact that when the world is going crazy he can ground her like no other...literally. It's pretty cool that Tia has the ability to use the energy around her to camouflage herself and basically become invisible. The down side? I had so many questions about this book. There were just some areas kind of left open ended. Maybe it was meant to be that way. I'm not sure, but otherwise I found this a very entertaining read.



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