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Review of Descendant of Darkness (Book 2 of the Second Trilogy in the Almost Human Series) by Melanie Nowak


ALMOST HUMAN ~ The Second Trilogy Volume 2: Descendant of Darkness Heartbroken and soul searching, the vampire Cain believes he has finally found his purpose. He is mentoring Allie, who is grudgingly coming to terms with the fact that she is unique among vampires... The United One. Together with Allie's husband Mattie, they are working to discover her powers, when the vampiress Sindy returns with some new tricks of her own. Ben and Felicity have tried to leave their past involvements with vampires behind them, settling into human life together, despite having to deal with Ben's vampire hunting father - but is mundane love strong enough to supersede the supernatural? The vampire Elric has sabotaged his master's plans to control The United One more times than for which he can expect to safely escape the consequences. Coven Master Arif knows what he wants, and the guiding forces behind his plan know how to help him get it... If Elric rebels, he could lose his love, but thwart disaster for the human race. Is staying true to the coven in order to save his love, worth the price the world will pay? When you are descended from darkness, is it still possible to reach for the light? In times of peace, prepare for war.


In book two of the second trilogy in the Almost Human Series by Melanie Nowak, we once again see much of Allie and Mattie's story, along with several other key players.  Ben and Felicity have taken their relationship to the next level and are very happy together.  Felicity will always love Cain, but she loves Ben too, and she has decided she can be happy with a life with him, regardless of the fact that Ben's father is some crazy vampire hunter bent on eliminating every vampire he can find.  And dragging Felicity into all of his secrets and asking that she keep them from Ben.  Cain is mentoring Allie now and she has many talents that keep popping up during the book.  However, her thirst is a serious problem that she kind of keeps from Mattie and Cain.  It reaches a point where Sindy coerces her into trying to drink from humans, just to try it.  Unfortunately, it seems to be the only thing to satiate her thirst better and longer than animals do.  She is forced to lie to Cain and Mattie about her whereabouts from time to time and things get very complicated.  It is no secret that Arif is still after her to join his coven, if only temporarily.  Arif seems to think that Allie will turn into some thirst-crazed evil vampire, and the worse her thirst gets, they can't help but wonder a moment here and there if he might be right.  But Cain doesn't trust Arif and Allie received a warning about joining him from an unlikely source.  Sindy is using her wiles as normal, but is still showing signs of improvement at becoming a better person.  But with her, you never know what angle she's working.  All in all, it's another exciting read from the author!
5 out of 5 stars!

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