Thursday, December 3, 2015

Review for Mixed Blood by Raven Williams


Long before the time of Elves, even before the great Ice Age, there are those who dwell on the realm of Earth.  These inhabitants are known as humans.  But they are not alone.  The Ancient Elders, in secret, created another species; one the Elves call the Guardians. Together these two species live and prosper. 

On Paer-Jhysael, the High Elves, the original members of Elf-Kin, step down as leaders, turn the responsibility over to their descendants, and give up their immortality.  They choose to go to Earth to live out the rest of their mortal lives. They are accompanied by two Realm Jumpers, Taranath of the Fire Elves and Solana of the Moon Elves.  What happens on Earth changes the lives of the Jumpers forever. 

Mixed Blood is the tale of Solana and Izlal, her Guardian Mate.  Join them on an adventure that changes, not only their lives, but the lives of Guardians, humans, and the Elder Species alike. 


Really enjoyed this companion novella! Finally, we see the beginnings of Earth in more detail and how the High Elves came to live on Earth and died there, leaving other elves and guardians. The whole term mixed blood comes from the intermarriage of the Guardians and Elves. And while most are receptive to this mixing (since Guardians are basically mixed as it is), there is a voice of dissent among the group and this Guardian is going to end up aligning with a very dark force. We don't see this fully play out in this book, but I can't wait to see what is going to happen next!


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