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Destined for Divinity (Book 3 of the Second Trilogy in the Almost Human Series) by Melanie Nowak

Volume 3 of ALMOST HUMAN ~ The Second Trilogy...DESTINED FOR DIVINITY___ Sindy is a vampiress of little morals and large aspirations...or at least, the old Sindy was. Love and friendship are becoming more important to her now than she ever thought they might. After becoming an accomplice to kidnapping and an agent of betrayal, she would be willing to settle for escaping the tangled web she has woven without getting herself dusted. Felicity is being held for a ransom no one of sound moral conscience should be willing to pay. Coven Master Arif, a vampire whose terrifying talent of mind-control holds her more tightly than chains, wants control of The United One; Alyson. A vampire of great power unlike any other, Alyson is a good friend to Felicity and a dear covenmate of... Cain, a vampire who declared his love for Felicity, but left her to fulfill her dreams of having a human family. Since renouncing his vampiric tendencies, Cain’s existence has been the epitome of self-sacrifice and benevolence. To rescue Felicity, he would have to betray Alyson and endanger the world, an act that would surely torture his conscience for eternity. Perhaps Felicity’s husband Ben can rescue her, but to ensure Felicity’s safety Ben would have to play by Arif’s rules. Is Ben willing to make a deal with the devil to retrieve his wife? Or should he put his differences aside to try and work with Cain, his former rival? Cain may be able to help rescue Felicity, but is he willing to give her up...again? Alyson has never been one to meekly follow others. Is it time for The United One to take a stand of her own? Her blood dictates that it is her divine destiny to rule vampire kind. Maybe it is time to lay down some rules! A battle is sure to ensue...can Alyson protect everyone she loves? Will Felicity survive Arif’s wrath to keep her life...and her humanity, or when all is said and done, will she find herself ALMOST HUMAN?


Book 3 is the last one in the second trilogy and it's time for Allie to step things up.  She is undoubtedly awesome and has more powers than any other vampire in the world.  But, things get complicated when the guy she accidentally killed shows back up.  Allie had Sindy turn him so that she would feel better and give him a second chance.  Due to her circumstances, she can't change people.  Turns out neither should Sindy.  Zach finds Allie and he has white eyes too.  But Zach ends up being a real problem for her.  And that's before things get really complicated.  Arif has one of his guys abduct Felicity.  It's his objective to get the blood of the United One no matter how he has to do it.  Force has not worked out on several occasions and finesse hasn't worked too well either.  Now he has turned to leverage by taking someone not only close to Cain, but to her as well.  Allie never really wanted to be in a position of power, but it seems like she is going to have to put on her butt kicking boots and storm the castle.  Time to make things right.  As for Sindy, she is being held against her will at Arif's as well, and she is getting a little bit of return for her past evil deeds.  However, the extent of her torture goes beyond even what she deserves, I think.  Arif can be very brutal.  But Sindy finds an unexpected friend, and that helps things.  I have to say, to me, each book just kept getting better and better.  I am fully invested in the Almost Human Series and can't wait to see what the third trilogy will hold.  Personally, I am rooting for Cain to find some solace and hopefully love.  The guy needs it.  As for Felicity, she will probably always love Cain.  But she has Ben too.  Who knows what will happen there?  But it sure seems like she's in for the long haul with Ben.
5 out of 5 stars!

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