Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blog Tour for Trust The Process by Leanne Jones


Trust the Process was written to empower women to create a better present and future for themselves. Within these pages, you will discover the inner strength to grow in ways that will inspire positive changes in every area of your life.

Arranged into 30 daily segments, this daily inspirational tool that helps define powerful ways for women to:

Design a quality life
Make each day a productive masterpiece
Get clarity in your life
Set priorities
Keep the faith, while keeping everything else together!

Leanne Jones - Bio

Entrepreneur / Author / Lifestyle Design Coach

Certified Lifestyle Design Coach Leanne Jones is the author of Trust the Process: 30 Days of Inspiration to Enrich, Enhance and Empower Your Life. Inspirited with a goal to teach women to create themselves and learn how to be the designer of their own lives, Leanne Jones empowers women to evolve and elevate to reach success on their own terms for the life they truly want and deserve.

With an education and background in Business and Entrepreneurship, she is the Co-founder of “The Jones Sisters” which is at the center of all of Leanne's projects, including acting as CEO and COO of her and her sisters own fashion and natural beauty businesses.

A young mogul in the making, Leanne Jones is richly committed to family, fitness and travel. A former Miss Black California contestant and winner of Miss West Coast's Entrepreneur 2014, Leanne Jones offers immeasurable potential with her outgoing and outstanding personality that makes her unstoppable at achieving beyond her own highest expectations.

For more information about The Jones Sisters please visit: www.officialjonessisters.com

Connect with Leanne

Instagram: @TheJonesSisters

Twitter: @2JonesSisters

The website for exclusive Pre-Order (signed copies and free gifts) is:  www.trusttheprocessbook.com

Available on Amazon on 12/15/15

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Find More Reasons to Be Grateful

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”
      Ralph Waldo Emerson

 With the chaos of  our  busy  lives,  it’s  easy  to  be ungrateful at times. We are spoiled by material comfort and living a life full of excess. We sometimes take things for granted  and  feel entitled to certain types of treatment, often forgetting that being grateful allows us to keep a positive perspective. Expressing gratitude reminds us that blessings come in all forms and by being grateful, we will become conscious of the many blessings we have already received.

Today, keep in mind that gratitude is an attitude that needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Don't take gracious acts of others for granted or act as if you are entitled to others helping or supporting you. Express gratitude from a humble place within and develop a prosperity consciousness. Be a woman who constantly looks for opportunities to express gratitude.

Acknowledge your blessings and treat others with appreciation and be thankful with an open heart.

Love Yourself

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”
– Steve Maraboli

   Loving you and practicing self-care is never a selfish act. Loving and caring for yourself as a woman is an extremely important factor in order to nurture and renew your mind and body before attempting to do
the same for others. You can only give away what you have. This is why practicing self-care first can really serve you and others in a positive way.

  Instead of constantly feeling stressed or worn out, operate from a place of renewal. Charge your inner self like you do your cell phone. If you don’t re-charge, you won’t be able to function and do what you need to do! Once you are taken care of, you are then present, available, and able to meet all of your responsibilities, commitments, and priorities.

  A self-care approach when it comes to your life is always a win-win situation. This is because when you take care of yourself first, everything and everybody from family, work, relationships, and so on, can and will benefit from it too. This does not mean you don’t care about others. It simply means you have your priorities in order instead of consistently putting the needs of others before your own. The idea is to put yourself in a position to be able to help others without forgetting about you.

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