Saturday, September 12, 2015

Early Sneak Peek/ Review for Enraptured (Vampire Awakenings Book 4) by Brenda K. Davies


 I was privileged enough to receive an ARC of this book from the author for an honest review of it and I loved it!  For those of you now familiar with Brenda K. Davies, she writes some steamier books but they are not classified as erotica.  They are romance and this series is about vamps.  The first book is free so check it out!
   Enraptured was actually a little steamier than I expected, but every bit equal to the first three books.  Our main character, Ian, really likes the ladies and never sees himself settling down until he meets Paige.  Like many of the other vampire men in these books, she calms the beast that rages within.  But Paige has a complicated history that just keeps coming back for more and she hates vampires.  Straight up hates them and is determined to keep Ian at arm's length.  Besides, she doesn't want to become another notch in his belt, so to speak.  It's so bad that it's mentioned by one of his college friends that certain body parts are going to rot off if he keeps it up.  At the same time, there are those that idolize such behavior, as always.  Paige, however, she's a real fighter, and that is why I like her character so much.  She doesn't give up, even in the face of death.

With only one month left in college, Ian is busy enjoying what time he has left with his friends. Since reaching maturity, his life hasn’t been as carefree as it used to be, but he’s found a way to fight his growing destructive urges by losing himself in women. That is until Paige enters his life and falls half dead into his arms. Looking only to keep her safe, Ian flees with her. 
Paige has spent the past four years of her life training to fight and kill vampires. Her desire for revenge is the only thing that’s kept her going, so when she’s forced into hiding with Ian she’s determined to believe he’s nothing but another monster in need of beheading. The more time they spend together, the more she begins to question what she’s always believed about vampires. Unfortunately, if she lets him in, she’ll have to admit that what she’s fought so hard for may be nothing but a lie. 
Ian is determined to make her see him for what he truly he is, and not what she believes him to be. He can only hope he’ll be able to do so before she returns to her old life, and the certain death awaiting her. 

***Due to mature content and language this book is recommended for readers 18+*** 

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