Saturday, July 18, 2015

RELEASE DAY and REVIEW for The Mercenary's Bounty by C.J. Davis

   For those of you who are fans of Indiana Jones and action, this is one for you to pick up and check it out.  Chase is a former military guy turned mercenary who is looking for the big payout.  He doesn't have a woman to tie him down so being a mercenary is his life.  When the opportunity comes along for some big money, he takes it.  The job takes him to the jungles of Papua, New Guinea where dangers lurk around every corner.  And unfortunately there are two other mercenaries following him who also want the bounty so they can retire from the business.  This married couple, Samson and Naomi, are very dangerous and willing to go great lengths to secure the bounty.  The job is to find a certain plant that could change the face of cancer research.  While the mercenaries are there for the money, the guy who employed Chase is there to try and save his dying father.
   This is a fast-paced book but an interesting adventure no doubt!  Some of the things Chase encountered made me cringe a little!  I won't divulge what they were.  Don't want to give away all the good parts.  What I can tell you is that out of all of the characters in the book, I just couldn't find it in my heart to like Naomi at all.  Just couldn't.  She has quite the mean streak.

Here is a little quote for y'all!

"Let's just agree that we are much better off not being on that plane when it lands."


When a research team suddenly goes missing in the deep jungles of Papua New Guinea, highly-skilled mercenary Chase “Ace” Dumbar is hired to investigate. During the research team’s last transmission it’s revealed they discovered an extremely potent medicinal plant with extraordinary cancer fighting qualities, but a crazed native tribe worships and guards the plant as a sacred object. Making matters worse, an active volcano stands to obliterate the research team, and the invaluable plant any day. Chase must navigate the jagged clutches of the jungle, rescue the research team and escape before the menacing volcano decimates the area. 

Hot in pursuit are additional mercenaries looking to secure a million dollar bounty put out by another pharmaceutical company that caught wind of the plant’s potential to cure cancer. Among them is an estranged war buddy, Samson Treveski, and his deadly knife-assassin wife, Naomi. Samson’s been crossed by Chase one to many times, and he’s eager to even the score. 

A simple rescue mission quickly turns into a race against time to secure a plant that has the potential to save millions. Chase is forced to decide between the mystifying plant and the lives of those he swore to protect. 

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