Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Granted by Dorothy Dawson

   Just finished reading this one and it was really good!  Loved the story line about the Djinn (Genies).  Loved how the author took time to explain some history and such about them before jumping into the story.  The book was very captivating and had me sucked in to where I finished it in one day.  The little town of Banesville is a very complicated place.  At first you will dislike a character like Dorian, and then next thing you know you feel sorry for her and just want her to be happy.  The ending kind of reminded me of Jumanji.


 Mallory leads a double life, one no one else can see. Adriel wants to start her life over and believes her unique shop is the start. Hazel desperately wants to be married, so much so she can nearly taste it. Lewis is looking for the perfect woman and has earned the name of playboy because he just can't seem to find one. Bette wants to be famous and for the world to appreciate her writing talent. It seems everyone in Banesville has a deep, secret wish, something they would do anything to see fulfilled. The only problem with wishes is they don't always come true the way you envision, and sometimes they have deadly consequences. Be careful what you wish for...


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