Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Rage (Fire and Steel MC Book 1) by Kaylee Song

  I haven't read much when it comes to MC books.  It's not something that I have been interested in and frankly it didn't occur to me to really look into this type of book until I read this one.  Turns out that I do like MC books after all.  Anyone who has seen the series Sons of Anarchy will like this type of book.  Rage is a hard book full of language and somewhat violent as well, but let's be honest here, if this book and SOA are anywhere near the truth, then the life of being involved in something like this is rough and you have to be tough to survive.  I liked the fact that it was so raw and gritty, full of angst, anger, and vengeance.  The love story is just a bonus to a gritty story.  It was a great read and I definitely recommend this one!

5 out of 5 stars!!


Death. Destruction. Rage. 

Layla moved a thousand miles to escape the brutality and vengeance of the club. Of the man who stole her heart. But she was forged in the club and she will never be as free as she believed... 

When her brother is murdered, death brings her right back into the clutches of the club - and under the watchful eye of Cullen "Rage" McFadden, her first love. 

Cullen "Rage" McFadden wants vengeance for his best friend's murder more than anything in the world. The only thing that could distract him is Layla. Loving her has never brought him anything but pain. She could be his undoing, but he doesn't care. He has to have her. 

Can Layla resist the temptation he represents, or will he drag her down into his world one more time? 

Note: This is a dark and gritty MC romance. It is a stand alone title with no cliffhanger and a HEA ending in a series. There is some violence and adult content.


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