Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Hero of Blind Pig Island and Other Island Stories by Jimmy Olsen

This is a collection of short stories by Jimmy Olsen that I received a copy of in exchange for an honest review.  Honestly, I almost never read short stories, but these were rather fascinating tales ranging from missionaries to diving experiences all the way to vengeful school teachers.  Some were rather intriguing and funny while others were kind of sad.  They all center on island life and most of the inhabitants there live much differently than where I live.  Here everyone seems rather uptight and stressed all of the time (this sometimes includes myself).  In these stories though, it's like a whole different world.  The people like to drink, party, and relax.  They take life as it comes and in some ways I am envious of them.  There were a few stories I found particularly interesting.  There was one about a large hurricane coming through and the people riding it out had a party while it was in full swing!  Not something that I would have ever done, but I found this very amusing!  Also, the one about the vengeful school teachers was quite interesting for me.  It had some rather funny parts to it and I couldn't help laughing in some places while during others I was in total agreement that certain people had gotten what they deserved.  It's a really great collection!


This collection of island stories carries the reader from daring adventures beneath the Caribbean Sea to tense conflict on a deserted island near the Canadian border. Love stories and private eyes, a boy living on a lonely salt cay and a girl's dream of freedom at sea, hurricanes and heroes - all told with humor and the insight that comes from firsthand experience.

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