Monday, March 2, 2015

A Fish, A Wolf, A Mouse, And A Raindrop by Bethany Bull

I recently had the privilege of reading this collection of short children's stories and I have to say that they are very imaginative and creative.  Not only that but they teach as well as entertain.  I love stories that give morals and other lessons.  These stories have some science-based lessons in them as well as morals of the story. My favorite was Blue, The Story of a Raindrop.  He has a long and exciting adventure and it explains a lot about the cycle of rain and evaporation.  It was a cool little story!  These are definitely stories I would let my own children read, or read to them!


"A Fish A Wolf A Mouse and a Raindrop" is a collection of short stories for the young intermediate reader. Included are: Max and Goldie, a story about the life of fish; The Wolf of Ghost Mountain, a story about animals being captured; Brown and His Wonderful Escape, about a mousely adventure; and Blue, The Story of a Raindrop, where the process of evaporation is told in a context young readers will find fun.

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