Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Whispers of a Faded Dreamer by Celesta Thiessen

A little social experiment by Kingcade Worldcorp changes the life of young Cara Pierce.  The big corporation put out a projection of alien spaceships with inky black aliens coming out of them.  The thing is that not everyone can see them.  Those that are are invited to start working for them.  All they have to do is sleep and dream.  The catch?  Other people will be able to see them.  But Cara's father is very sick and in the hospital.  Her family needs money.  By working here and making a lot of money, she gets on better terms with her abusive mother.  Cara was adopted and has not been treating her the same as her little brother since their dad has been in the hospital.  Cara also feels that she can help people with her dreams.  She has many exciting adventures in her dreams and meets Bryce, a guy from her school, and the High King quite often in them.  The High King is always a guide to them on where to go and what to do.  The only problem is that Cara starts spending more and more time at the sleep clinic.  She has no friends anymore and almost never interacts with her family.  She starts to think that maybe she should get out more.  But there are unforeseen consequences to all of her work at Kingcade Worldcorp.  Even though it's tough, the High King always has a plan for everything.

I very much enjoyed the adventures Cara was involved in with her dream life.  It was interesting how much of her life became her work, her dreams.  It was basically all she did and eventually it started wearing on her.  She wasn't living real life.  It was a fantasy land.  And she was always dreaming of Bryce although she kept saying she didn't like him and for a small part of the book (in the beginning) she had a boyfriend.  But he wasn't a good guy.  It was a good read!  A very clean read.  This is a Christian book too!

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