Friday, February 20, 2015

Fugitive by John Day

   Max and Carla are at it again, on their big adventures full of danger and always life-threatening!  Except this time a complication arises and Max ends up in the hospital without any recollection of who he is or why the authorities are out to get him.  In fact, the feds are always after Max and Carla.  Why?  Well they wok for a super under cover agency called The Organisation and they do a lot of under-handed business getting things done.  Because Max escapes, Carla and The Organisation cannot seem to locate him.  Because he is still recovering, he needs someone to look after him until he is well.  It so happens that Max meets a girl on the streets who nurses him back to health and gets in on his plan of getting cash and starting to build real identities for themselves so they won't have to worry about the authorities always chasing them.  This girl, Star, turns out to be something vastly different than what Max had thought.  In a confession to him one night, she tells him that she's basically a serial killer with a mental problem and she broke out of an institution.  And now Max wonders if his life is also in danger from her, but he goes with it and carries out several nefarious plans involving local drug gangs.  All the while, Carla is desperately seeking him while on a mission for The Organisation.  She is determined to get him back no matter what!

   I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller by John Day!  It has tons of adventure and energy to it so you are guaranteed to never get bored with it!  I especially like the idea of introducing a possible new love interest for Max and the whole amnesia thing.  Since he can't seem to remember who he was before, he goes on with his life.  What is funny is that he is doing almost the same thing he would have been doing under The Organisation.  However, he is good enough to even avoid their eye for quite a while which is quite a feat for anyone.  If you like thrillers, then you should look into this one!

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